I’m slightly confused… I like him, a he claims to like me, but at the same time… I don’t know if I believe him 100%. I do know that theres the possibility there, but although sometimes I do see it , a lot of times I don’t. I want him. Cept knowing he likes her too… It feels like he’s just stringing us both along till he chooses, and I’d rather he just choose her and get it over with; since thats what’s prolly gonna happen anyway -__- sigh* I miss him tomate. But blah. Really should get accustomed to the idea that he prolly won’t choose me. Hmm. I do love him…. Enough to let him go? We’ll see


2 thoughts on “Enough?

  1. that’s always a tricky thing for me. when you love someone so much, the question is do you let them go and be happy with what they want to do, or do you fight for them?

    either way, try to keep moving forward.

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