La Terra Sagrada

I am this rock
I am the foundation of this fertile soil
I cradle and hold the nourishment of all living things

I am this home
The space for roots to grow and spread
I am the nestling place of all manner of little creatures

I am this heat
I am the flaming center of this rock
A rock made live with the vibrant life of millions

My shine, my form, my varying beauties are a result of you, my darling

You are the sun; you are the little droplets of sunshine that glisten

You are the moon; you illuminate my lonely nights, you sing me lullabies

My heart is this heat
My mind this home
And my body this rock

But you are gravity

You hold me together
You will not forfeit the calm

You keep me from flying away
You will not let me go

You are an all abiding law
You do not pick and choose

Everything in me – beauty and ugliness
This sacred and unholy vessel of life
You keep me alive

You keep me composed
You keep me


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