Chum Tomate, Mor

I wrote this awhile ago, after we broke up but before I found out that he was cheating on me with her. Still feel this way, amazingly. Strange. But I just found it so..

You’re happy now, with life and with her
I know we’ve drifted so far apart there’s no way I can find you again
But I need you to know
That my heart is yours
Always will be
And if one day you think of me
And wonder how it would be
Let me tell you now
That I would give you everything
Because you are what makes me happy
You are everything
And it took everything
To learn that I can never be another’s
Because I’m already yours
And if one day you find
In your heart
That you could love me again
I’ll let you know that I’m right here
Arms wide open
And I know I didn’t try hard enough
I pushed you oh so far away
I know you were waiting for the end
For your new beginning
And I know you gave her everything
That I wouldn’t take
But if you find it in you
To be with me again
I promise this time is for love
And with a purely clean slate
And if you turn away
Happy without a doubt
Know that I’ll accept that
Because I want you to be happy
More than I need to be
And if it’s her that does it
At least I tried
And now I can move on
Because my heart will be so shattered
There will be no choice
But for a new one to grow
With not a hint of you
I just had to try
For this very last time
And I won’t give you a set time
To tell me if there’s a possibility
But take a little bit
To examine your heart
And come ahead to break
Or heal
My own
Sometimes we can be so consumed by things that only seemingly stupid action can calm the tempest within. I hope I haven’t offended you in the least. If I have, let me know, and I’ll rip this up and never speak of it again. If you’re reading this you’re probably either interested or you’re just laughing at me, but at least you got this far. Thanks for reading.
I hope you’re happy. I hope you only get happier.


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