Daughter, Oh Daughter

While the one held me down, the other spat on his fingers and shoved them inside me, and I sank my teeth through my lip, holding back my scream, and felt blood and tears wet my face as he pulled down his pants and forced himself into me. It hurt; it hurt so much, and I had no voice to curse him. I tried our old trick, tell a story to block out the pain… her name was Deidre, lady of the forest… I screwed my eyes shut, not to see their red, sweaty, excited faces… if you were very quiet, as quiet as a … As a mouse, you might see her… I tried and tried, as it went on and on, and one shuddered and pulled away, and the other took his place… The willows would rustle, as she went by… He was huge inside me, too big; I could not believe how big. The other gripped me around the chest, fingers bruising my flesh, hot breathing into my ear.. in her cloak of deepest blue, and on her hair a crown of little stars… He thrust and thrust, until I thought I might split open, until I thought I would faint with the pain… she would.. She would walk under the tall oaks and she would… The story slipped from my grasp, and there was only the awful, endless pounding, and the ugly voices, and the rising scream that threatened to burst out of me, however hard I clenched my teeth shut.


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