Lilith, First Wife Of Adam

God made the Earth and Sky, and the Ocean. And he made plants, animals, and man to be custodians of these things. The Almighty then fashioned another person from the earth, a female called Lilith. Soon Lilith and Adam began to fight, but neither one really heard the other. Lilith refused to lie underneath Adam during sex, but he insisted that the bottom was her rightful place. He apparently believed that Lilith should submissively perform wifely duties. Lilith, on the other hand, was attempting to rule over no one. She was simply asserting her personal freedom. Lilith stated, “we are equal because we are both created from the earth.” The struggle continued until Lilith became so frustrated with Adams stubbornness and arrogance that she brazenly pronounced the Tetragrammaton, the ineffable name of the Lord. God’s name (YHWH), translated as “Lord God” in most Bibles and roughly equivalent to the term “Yahweh,” has long been considered so holy that it is unspeakable. During the days of the Jerusalem Temple, only the High Priest said the word out loud, and then only once a year, on the Day of Atonement. Lilith sinned, and so flew away, having gained power to do so by pronouncing God’s avowed name.
The Almighty told Adam that if Lilith failed to return, 100 of her children would die each day. Apparently, In this way, she helped maintain the world’s balance between good and evil.
Three angels were sent in search of Lilith. When they found her at the Red Sea, she refused to return to Eden, claiming that she was created to devour babies. Lilith was driven to kill babies in retaliation for Adams mistreatment of her and of Gods insistence on slaying 100 of her offspring daily. Lilith herself promised she would harm no child who wore an amulet bearing her name. To prevent the three angels from drowning her in the Red Sea, Lilith had sworn in the name of God that she would not harm any infant who wore an amulet bearing her name. Ironically, by forging an agreement with God and the angels, Lilith demonstrated that she was not totally separated from the divine. For people to go on and portray her simply as a seductive, temptress, and terrible demon, who went on to aid in the creation of various other demons and otherworldly creatures would be remiss – before all that she was simply a forward (rightfully feminist) thinker. She saw that she was the same as Adam, they were both formed from the Earth together; why did she need to submit to his selfish ways? I admire that; I admire her. And I’m ashamed of the possibility of the stories removal from “recent” renditions of the bible (dating back hundred of years) because of her impunity and lack submissiveness. Hurrah to Lilith, who saw as it was and didn’t think to lay on her back as the world fucked her to its little seemingly entitled, self righteous hearts content.


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