What really stops us from being happy: convention, normality, conforming, misplaced shame, consciousness.. So many things we are aware of, and yet we find ourselves trapped in a web of outward unhappiness with no strength to extricate ourselves. We know it’s a trap. But still do nothing.
When we begin our adventure, when we live our lives as we should – shining souls with bodies to project them; not as shining bodies with souls to tuck away – we begin to feel our grievances fall away. As a famous proverb loosely says “a journey of one thousand steps starts with one,” we must relieve ourselves of the notions and ideals of this failing age; these buildings filled with laws and punishments that society breathes poisonously into our orifices, sealing us away so as not to disturb some delicate mortal balance. To be free: for ones soul to be exercised to its full potential, for ones body to be a glorious vessel, for ones mind to be open and conscious as it once was. On these journeys we allow ourselves to be lost, and therefore lose ourselves, and as a result of such fearful losing sight of, we find ourselves at last. Our true selves. And this adventure is not in its destination but in the journey itself, with a beginning and an end coming full round but never to a stop, as to start in a circle and end in that circle but never stopping the journey – our discovery of self, our affinity and pure love for nature and our communion with the supernatural and invisible world that lives above and around us.


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