Native Americans

“‘This country’ is the United States of America. It didn’t exist before white people came here and founded the land as a nation. It was a dirt-living, savage, primitive civilization. Now Indians are running casinos. No more dirt-living for them.

Savage and primitive, eh?
Who domesticated corn, beans, squash, pumpkin, pineapple, peanuts, up to 3,000 varieties of potatoes (including sweet potatoes), chili, chocolate, vanilla, bell peppers, quinoa, cashews, pecans, artichokes, strawberries, cranberries, zucchini, paprika, allspice, and literally 60% of the crops the rest of the world eats?
Who invented diapers? (Hint: It was the Inca.) Who built the first ever observatory? (Hint: It was the Arapaho on Medicine Mountain.) Who had running water before Rome did? (It was Tenochtitlan.) Who had embalming before the Egyptians did? (It was the Chinchoro.) Who had compasses before the Chinese did? (It was the Olmec.) Who had convection ovens before the convection oven was even “invented”? (It was the Wampanoag.) Who invented the 365 day calendar? (It was the Maya.) Who knew there was a black hole in the middle of the Big Dipper thousands of years before NASA did? (It was the Lakota.) Who knew the earth moved around the sun while the Catholic church still taught that the sun moved around the earth, and made it illegal to teach otherwise? (It was…well, all of us, actually. Oops.)
Who was it who came to this continent and didn’t know that drinking out of the water you just shat in is going to give you cholera? Who was it who literally banned bathing, calling it “unspiritual” and “promiscuous” and even arresting people caught bathing in select states?
But, hey, good on your people for liberating us from our filthy existence and all that… We sure would be lost without you…
White people went so far as to arrest people caught bathing? Oh boy.

I’m laughing so hard! White people actually think the Europeans were more advanced than the pre-Columbian American civilizations. The only reason the Europeans took over is because:

1.) They go lucky that they had disease on their side.

2.) They had superior weapons, which they fashioned through gunpowder: a technology they basically got from the Chinese. 

Yeah, I went there!
Europeans actually STOLE the gunpowder weapon designs from the Chinese, there was no “sharing” of knowledge. If I remember correctly, China ain’t think too much of the Europeans either. They tolerated them out of courtesy and respect that comes with recognizing another sovereign power.
In fact, none of the older civilizations did. Somehow y’all wound up on top via savagery, foreign diseases from your questionable ass hygiene habits, and forging weapons whose designs you basically stole from other cultures.
Y’all would still be scratching in the dirt marveling at fire if it weren’t for the pre-Colombian Native civilizations and every other civilization you bulldozed over and pillaged from.
I can’t believe some white folks really fix their mouths to even say some shit like ‘You would be helpless without white people.'”


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