Enemy Lines

I am a vase 

I have a set purpose 
And loose instructions
I am decorated 

I hold no threatening hand
And yet I am used for the benefit
I am used wisely, correctly 

I am an envelope 
I hold a variety of things 
A gift, a loving word

I hold no gun to your head
And yet you still use me best
My purpose is carried through 

I am a dress
I change sizes and shapes
I reflect a multitude of colors
I am always beautiful 

I sneak no knife into your side 
But I am still worn to adorn 
I am still decorative and dazzling

You break me
Set me afire
Rape me 

I am fragile
I am flammable
I am controllable 

But you will not beat me:
I can be glued together
My ashes sent to glorious sights
I will heal 

Obstacles are set in our way
Only to make us grow in faith
In strength 
In experience 

I am a veteran 
I am your enemy
I am your prisoner

And yet from you I have learned 
And I will revolt 
And I will win

Now I know my enemy
This knowledge I have grasped in my mind
And my enemy is myself 


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