The hit smacks against my throat
Electric burn mutates into a steady hum
Delicious tingles run recklessly over my skin

We are giggling and touchy
Punctuating sentences with gazes
And skirting around this …
This… Something between us

We are light
Floating together towards who-knows-what
But happy in each other’s arms

You are not conventionally pretty
But your slanted eyes
And plump pink lips 
And your soft, curvy body 
Call out for caresses 

Strange that I have never kissed those lips

Yet I have touched those breasts
I have run my hands over your length
Whispering “you’re perfect”
As your breath warms my neck 

I have held myself tight against you
As you push back into me
I have relished the feel of your hands on me
We have loved each other

But I’ve never kissed your lips

I have slept beside you
Nuzzling contentedly into your side
Falling into a heavy sleep 
That I can only have when I’ve burned a nugget 
Or when I’m with you

I wake up to those lips
But they turn away from me
Mumbling of making coffee for you, babe 
You know my heart quivers towards yours
I want something more

But that’s why you won’t let me kiss your lips 

You want my body 
So I give you my heart
They want our bodies 
We give them our hearts


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