The Tangent On The White Male But Who Am I To Have An Opinion

Humans all have boundless flaws. It’s part of the human condition. Men, however, as a majority, seem unable to see their own. And therefore, are unable to deal with them. That is relevant for many women as well, but the one thing about males – primarily white/of European decent males – is that they are and always have been privileged in many ways and I simply cannot and will not identify with that. I don’t hold it against them unless they are completely aware of it and still think it’s okay. Otherwise I kind of… Pity them, almost. But it’s the kind of slightly envious pity that I feel for extremely rich people who have no concept of the realness of life, of pain or effort or struggle. And when I see this it’s almost like they’re not even human. You can’t hold it against them, it’s ingrained into their DNA, and until they have become fully aware it is simply a fact of life. I don’t care about wealth or position. It’s mental privilege, it’s workplace privilege, it’s status privilege, it’s physical privilege, it’s societal privilege most of all. And that is forgivable because humanity is broken and damaged and there always has to be a winner and loser and someone a long long time ago chose you guys. It’s not like you asked for it. There is a light surrounded by endless darkness and men – primarily white men – are inside of it. They see the darkness all around but can’t recognize the light because they’re standing inside of it and they can’t see it. But everyone outside in the dark is getting blinded by the glare while the men say “what light, what light? We don’t see the light – so it must not be there.” 


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