Stones And Glass

If there were stones that shone pretty, specific hues as your mind makes decisions, I would invest time into searching for and acquiring it. If it blinks red as you wander into dangerous mental territory, or pink as it encourages a crush, or yellow when it finds your decisions will make you happy, wouldn’t we all think twice about certain things?
I wish such a stone existed, and that it rested in the palm of my hand.
I am making a very big decision.
I’ve been told by quite a few people – wisdom lies in the council of many – to turn away and give it up. That it spells disaster for my future. But my heart is weak and so is my will, and when I am pushed I do indeed fall.
If only there was a clear little piece of glass, that would open itself to your eyes as you made decisions, and show you the major consequences of them.
If you decide to go to school, it shows your future job, car, and house. Or maybe your many vacations and lovers, a secluded beach much away.
And if you were to move away from home, not too far, only an hour.
And be close to your significant other. What would it show?
Going to school, coming home to him. Getting a new job, celebrating with him.
Forgetting certain aspects of your life,
Forgetting Him. With him.

What will this glass show to me?
How will this stone appear for me?


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